JK9® Multidummy


Versatile training tool on land and water

Julius-K9® has launched its new multi-functional training tool, the JK9®Multidummy! Use it on both land and water as a tug toy or a treat-filled training tool, and you’ll always have a lot of fun with it! The JK9®Multidummy is a perfect accessory for waterside walks. Thanks to its complementary buoyant insert, the dummy rides high on water. Its bright, striking colour ensures high visibility even in choppy water.

Dogs love biting on the JK9®Multidummy, because its foam material provides an excellent grip. If the primary goal is to improve your dog’s bite/grip and to enjoy more dynamic tug of war playtime, you may want to choose Julius-K9® bite pads designed for this purpose.

When it comes to playing in water, the ribbed handle helps you to throw the dummy a long way and gives you a secure grip as a tug toy. You can choose between the single-handle and double-handle versions: while the single-handle can be thrown farther, the double-handled spins while flying. It doesn’t go as far, but it provides a bigger sense of prey. Remove the buoyant insert and it reveals its third function: it becomes a fillable dummy!

Filled with treats, it’s an excellent piece of training equipment. For example, you can use it for fetch training, and therapy work as well as for mantrailing practice as well. Avoid using the JK9®Multidummy extensively with treats in water, because the food holder part is not waterproof.

It can be closed with a hook-and-loop fastener, which is more durable than zip solutions and not so hard on your dog’s teeth. It’s easy to clean both inside and outside and you can handwash and brush it with soapy water. The removable insert is OEKO-TEX® certified, which guarantees high product safety. The insert cannot be used separately for playing, please always use it as an accessory for the JK9®Multidummy. It is not available separately.

Do not leave it with your dog unattended and use it only for playing or training together. Avoid drying it in direct sunlight after use in water. Clean it thoroughly after using it as a fillable dummy with treats; regular disinfection is recommended.

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