IDC® Color & Gray

leash & collar set

Part of the IDC® Range, this set’s exciting colours and versatility will make you and your dog feel great in a busy urban environment

Julius-K9’s product line is:


because the whole set fits easily into a bag. We’ve tested it!

Dries in minutes

rain? Wet beach? No problem!

Incredibly cool

the collection comes in special shapes and colours.


design your own labels to send a message to the world.

Light, comfortable wear

your dog won’t even notice it’s on.

Highly durable

long time users can vouch for this!


you can easily stop and control your dog any time.

It’s a light but durable, trendy set AND an excellent match to your dog’s and your own wardrobe, too!

IDC® Color & Gray Collars

Collar with a handle for large dogs; handleless design for those who prefer classic forms.

IDC® Color & Gray LEADS

It’s a durable leash with a pleasant touch.
It has rubber threads woven into the fabric, which provides the secure grip you need for controlling your dog.