JK9® Speed Belt


Introducing the improved JK9®Speed Belt

The running belt from Julius-K9® has been renewed with the help of active dog owners! The new JK9®Speed Belt fits the body well and is very comfortable to wear whether you are looking for an accessory for hobby-level running or hiking. Thanks to its design, it distributes the load and is gentle on the waist. Straps running between the legs ensure that the running belt stays in place and does not slide up or rotate sideways.

The handle of the leash attached to the dog is threaded through the cord at the front of the JK9®Speed Belt, thus securing it to you. The pocket on the belt can accommodate even large smartphones.
The rings on the side are ideal for smaller accessories, such as poop bag holders, clickers, whistles or keys.

The buckle of the JK9®Speed Belt has also been renewed, it has become lighter and fits better into the belt. Safety in the dark is ensured by reflective strips sewn on the belt.

The colour and style of the JK9®Speed Belt perfectly harmonizes with the JK9®Speed and IDC®Longwalk dog harnesses.
For safe joint sports, choose a flexible leash that stretches and softens the force of the pulling dog.


Attention! The shoulder straps of Y-harnesses, when adjusted too loosely, compress the shoulders during a gallop or pull, thereby impeding movement and reducing lung capacity.

If the Y-harness is too small for the dog, it squeezes the neck, and the shoulder straps have a negative effect on breathing, oesophagus and neck veins.

Please pay attention to the careful selection of the size and the adjustment of the harness.

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