JK9®Duoplay ball


Be your dog’s best playmate!

Step up your game to a new level with Duoplay ball training, every moment of which is a feeling of success: recharging for you and physical and mental fatigue for the dog. Whether your pet is a beginner or a regular playmate, the JK9®Duoplay ball is an excellent skill development tool that builds on important basic instincts: grabbing and pulling prey.

The special shape of the JK9®Duoplay ball is ideal for grip development because it gradually thickens and the dog can grab it from every direction. It’s hollow inside, so it can be easily compressed, and its surface is pleated, which is why dogs find it interesting from the first moment. When thrown, it bounces unpredictably, so it quickly awakens the dog’s hunting instincts and develops reflexes in excellent fashion.

The operation of the JK9®Duoplay ball is simple, yet effective: if your dog bites the ball and you keep the flexible handle tight, you’ll encourage your pet to pull and fight. Training will be really exciting for them if you let them pull you away at the right moment and get the ball.

Duoplay training is not just a game. If you take it seriously, you can both learn a lot from it. It strengthens your relationship with your dog and can open the way for many other dog ​​sports.

The JK9®Duoplay is made of natural rubber, which is gentle on dogs’ teeth.

The toy was made by Julius-K9® in Europe.


The Duoplay training

  • gives a constant feeling of success
  • strengthens the dog-owner relationship
  • encourages dogs to keep the toy stable
  • encourages dogs to pull
  • serves as preparation for other dog sports


JK9®Duoplay ball

  • special shape and design
  • flexible and shape-retaining ball body
  • durable, easy-to-clean surface
  • two sizes
  • the ribbed surface aids grip and breathing
  • natural raw material
  • antibacterial version also available
  • comfortable and stretchable handle
  • European production


Small size:

  • Recommended for dogs under 15 kg
  • 14 cm long neon coloured fluorescent handle
  • 7.5 cm long natural caoutchouc ball
  • Widest point: 6.5 cm
  • Narrowest point: 3.5 cm


Large size:

  • Recommended for dogs over 15 kg
  • 15 cm long orange coloured fluorescent handle
  • 9.5 cm long natural caoutchouc ball
  • Widest point: 7.5 cm
  • Narrowest point: 4.5 cm
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