IDC® Multifunctional Dog Vest 3in1

Original price was: $197.51.Current price is: $98.76.

Multifunctional swimming vest with removable floating foam pads. Great aid for swimming and useful for lifting the dog, due to the foam pads creating practical pressure distribution (rehabilitation vest).

If you remove the floating foam pads from their pockets, you get a neoprene jacket. This jacket protects your dog from rain, wind and cold.

As a swimming vest, it’s functional for hydrotherapy. By reducing or increasing the number of floating pads, you can adjust the vest to the level of the exercise. With a strong handle and a ring for the leash, it’s easy to control or hold the dog. The changeable patches cannot be missing from this product either, the small labels fit the 3in1 Multifunctional Vest.

Highly recommended for those dog breeds (such as English and French Bulldogs) which are more challenged in swimming due to their physical abilities.


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