Custom Side Labels – Red


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** The small labels are currently out of stock while we await more stock, however you can still purchase on back order with estimated delivery start May**

Please note: This is a custom ordered label and cannot be returned. Delivery times may vary are as they are a custom made item but we try to ensure weekly print runs are done every Wednesday to be couriered the following day. However, depending on the volume of orders, these may take longer and delivery can be delayed.

These labels for your harness allow others to see the status of your dog, such as if it’s a guide dog, sniffer dog, security dog or even if they should pet it or not. With our unique label you can make your  harness and accessories individual. You just have to find out what you want to say and to put it on your harness or accessories!


The labels affix to:

Parameters are as follows:

  • Small label: 11 x 3cm
  • Large label: 16 x 5cm
  • Red text on black background
  • Can include symbols from the selection listed below
  • Symbols can be positioned left side, right side or both sides
  • Capitals only (unless specified in notes)
  • Recommend a maximum of 10 characters (incl. symbols and spaces) for Small Labels
  • Recommend a maximum of 17 characters (incl. symbols and spaces) for Large Labels
  • The text shouldn’t be against ethical rules
  • The text shouldn’t be a patented trade name
  • Please note that if you do not want symbols, select None on both Symbol AND Symbol Position


Sizing for different products are below:

For IDC® Powerharness:


For COLOR & GRAY® Collar with Handle and Safety Lock and IDC® Longwalk harness:

  • Order a SINGLE size S


For IDC® Powerharness with Side-Rings, IDC® Neoprene JacketIDC® Universal Side Bags, IDC® Multifunctional Dog Vest 3in1 and IDC® 4in1 Multivest:

  • Order a SMALL size PAIR, unless you would like a different label for each side, in that case order 2 separate SINGLE labels


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Rosalyn W.
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Great service. Ordered and received within 5 days included the weekend.

12 months ago
Finn Adair-Jacobs
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1 year ago

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