Color & Gray® Collar with Handle and Safety Lock


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With the closable handle at the middle, you can hold your dog safely. It features a heavy duty buckle and a safety lock for perfect stability.

In appearance it harmonises with the Color & Gray® Leash, but without irritation to the fur of the dog, as the thin rubber threads ensuring the optimum grip are replaced by polyester in the collar.

Due to its material, it’s easy to clean and will not deform. It’s easy to put any patch on the patch field of the collar, so from now on, besides on the harness, your dog can also wear cool patches on its collar as well!


Length: 38-53 cm

Width: 40mm

Note: A SINGLE Small custom label fits the Color & Gray® Collars with Handle and Safety Lock.


Please note: Due to display colour settings, and/or manufacturing specificities, we cannot guarantee that colours on images and in real life are the exact same.

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Good sturdy collar

4 months ago