IDC® Powair


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The IDC® Powair summer harness is a super light version of the original IDC® Power design. It is made from a special mesh fabric that ventilates extremely well and provides a comfortable fit for your dog on the warmest days of the summer. Thanks to its material it is very light, while still maintaining high durability.

Don’t be afraid to get it wet if you would like to cool down your dog, because this harness is suitable for doing so. Also for sizes S, M, L and XL, a layer of water retaining foam enhances the cooling effect. The harness dries quickly after use.

With the exception of sizes 3XS and 2XS, all IDC® Powair summer harnesses are equipped with a handle which was designed in a way, that allows you to grip it easily in case you need instant control. It’s cool colours evoke a strong summer vibe, while its changeable custom patches allow you to make it unique.

Image #1 from Judy Savin
Judy Savin
Verified ownerVerified owner

We purchased a second Julius K9 harness for our Chihuahua but unfortunately the neck strap you is too short making the harness too tight. I’ve included a photo to show how the new (neon green) harness is 2 cm shorter than our current one. Both harnesses are 3XS Baby1

3 months ago
Clive M.
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Good fit, dog is very happy to approach to put it on, contrary to other brand

6 months ago
Image #1 from AnonymousImage #2 from Anonymous
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My dog normally hated his harness, he seemed really uncomfortable and got really sad when he has to wear it. This harness though he loves and seems so much more comfortable in it and He’s actually happy to put it on. So happy with this purchase!

8 months ago