JK9® Paw Patrol Harness


JK9® Paw Patrol Dog harness – The Paw Patrol is On a Roll!

Give your family pet the same professional equipment the Paw Patrol heroes have! Julius-K9 harnesses have been used by real world hero dogs for generations when rescuing people. These harnesses stand their ground in the toughest situations, even in the busiest cities.

Let the city adventure begin!

The wide straps and handle taking care of four-legged friendsmake time spent with our pet perfect. The OEKO-TEX lining of the saddle part guarantees comfort for your pet. Putting it on the dog is child’s play before setting off in the city! Become a real team together! Julius-K9’s world famous dog harness can now be yours with the names and colours of the Paw Patrol heroes.

Efficient power transmission, effective control

The scaling of the JK9 Paw Patrol Dog harness and the outline of the chest strap were optimized for the forces that occur during walking. The wide chest strap of the harness runs parallel to the leash in your hand, so it can effectively dampen the forces effecting the dog’s body.

Green zone design principle: free movement, free breathing

Unlike collars, due to the special angle of the chest strap, the JK9 Paw Patrol Dog harness rests on the ideal zone of the chest. Thus, for healthy, free breathing, the dog’s neck is relieved to the maximum while allowing free movement of the front legs.

Extra strong handle for sudden situations

We have fitted the harness with a strong handle that allows you to control unexpected situations with confidence at any time – you can stop your dog or help them move either on stairs or when getting out of the car.

Rugged construction for everyday use

Reliability and durability are ensured by a shatterproof buckle, excellent raw materials and careful manual manufacturing. The reflective elements of the harness ensure visibility while the first-class OEKO-TEX-lined lining ensures a high level of product safety.

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