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We want you to always be able to buy genuine Julius-K9 products with confidence and without the worry or concerns that you are purchasing from an unauthorised seller or end up with a counterfeit product. Unfortunately there are a lot of products out there claiming to be the real deal Julius-K9 harnesses and accessories but sadly, they are not what they claim to be.

Let’s start with good old counterfeit products, there are many sites selling what appears to be the “exact same” product but on closer inspection of photos or even worse, when it arrives on your doorstep, it is a lesser quality product that won’t do what you want it too, or it does but only for a short amount of time. Julius-K9 has put out this handy “Counterfeit Catalogue” which you can view and download HERE.

And of course with a non-real-deal product, generally the old rule of thumb applies. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is. A sure sign of this is when it comes to pricing. If you see a dog harness or accessory claiming to be the real deal from Julius-K9, yet has a drastically lower price tag… then yes it is too good to be true. We all love a bargain and especially in today’s financial climate we are even more bargain conscious. Unfortunately sometimes nabbing a bargain isn’t worth it as you end up with an inferior product.

A product that hasn’t been put through the stringent testing regimes that our’s has. The materials aren’t skin-friendly, strong or up to the task of longevity so inevitably you can end up spending more replacing the product. As well as you don’t get the confidence and assurance of knowing that the product is backed by Julius-K9’s 1 Year Guarantee on all products. And what has the 20+ years of producing the world’s leading dog harnesses and accessories told us? If there is a fault in a product, it will arise in that first 12 months of use so we offer our guarantee on all manufacturer faults.

You’re not sure about ordering your pooches accessories online? Worried about getting the wrong size? Well we have you covered, we have getting a page dedicated to getting the correct fit. But we understand that sometimes that still isn’t enough to guarantee the perfect size so we happy to send accept returns and send out replacements for products that turn out to not be the right size.

If you prefer to get in person advice, as New Zealand’s only authorised distributor of the real deal, we work with select pet stores and veterinary practices who also stock our products. We list our stockists on our site HERE so you can find your closest retailer. Please reassure though, that if you do have any questions or concerns about where you’re looking to purchase from, or if it is the real deal, you can contact us via the contact form in the footer of our site via Facebook, Instagram or directly to We love to help!

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