Winter is coming…

German Shepard wearing the IDC Multifunctional Dog Vest 3in1 in the water

So we’ve just GOT to show you our IDC® Neoprene Dog Jacket!

Now just because our pets have fur, doesn’t mean that they too don’t feel the cold, or worse their health be effected by the cold temperatures, frost, ice and snow that comes with Winter… especially since some of our beloved dogs still like to, not only play in those extremes, but swim as well!!

Our jacket offers effective protection against the cold for those crazy winter activities. The waterproof, soft and elastic material of the jacket fits the body  tightly, making it a comfortable wear for our dogs. While its excellent thermal insulation capability is guaranteed by thousands of tiny air bubbles that are embedded in the neoprene material.

But not only does it protect our dogs from the cold, with its phosphorescent and reflective elements, it ensures high visibility for an extra serving of protection while looking super styley for those fashion forward pets of ours. And of course the changeable custom labels can not be missed from this product either, the small patches fit the Neoprene Jacket from size B1-XL.

Click here if you’d like to take a closer look!

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