What’s the first thing you do when you get in the car?

Bichon wearing IDC Powerharness with seat belt connectors

If you said “put on your seatbelt”, then you go to the top of the class!

But what about your dog? Traditionally, dogs have been termed “cargo” when transported in cars, placed in the same category as inanimate objects like suitcases and luggage. I don’t know about you but our pooches are anything but inanimate… unless they’ve just been for a nice long walk/run/sniff/hide and seek down at the beach! These days, dogs are well-recognised as “companion animals”, and they’re seen as part of the our family. For this reason, it makes more sense to classify them as “fellow passengers”, and to pay attention to their health and safety with this in mind.

Just like you, your dog needs to be securely restrained any time he’s in the car. If you are in an accident, having your dog safely restrained will help protect you and your passengers from harm. Not to mention good restraints can actually keep both you and your beloved pooch calmer by lessening distractions.

All dogs can be a distraction for the driver, which could cause an accident, and regardless of size or whether they are easy going and don’t jump around, they can be a danger to passengers and your car’s interior.

Keeping your dog safely restrained in the car means that:

  • There will be less distractions
  • You can put all of your focus on the road in front of you
  • Your passengers are safer
  • You, the driver, is safer
  • Dog is safer
  • And your car is safer

But how do we safely restrain our “fellow passengers” of the four legged variety? Easy! A high quality special harness and seatbelt tethers. The right harness should be comfortable so that our dogs won’t mind wearing it, and be made of materials that won’t irritate your dog’s skin or pull his hair. However, they should also be strong, not only able to withstand the pulling and torque of a dog who wants to break free but be able to withstand tremendous crash forces also.

Take a look at the IDC® Powerharness with Side Rings, designed to work with the easy to use Mobility Control Car Tethers. Just connect one end to the side ring of the harness and the other end to the buckle of the safety belt and repeat on other side. Purchase them separately or grab our great value CAR SAFETY COMBO and voilà! One safely secured pooch! 

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