What would yours say?

Dog on hind legs with Julius K9 Hot Dog custom label on their Powerharness

With our unique, custom labels you can make your dog’s harness one of a kind!

Sometimes a yellow ribbon or other signs just won’t do it. Not everyone is familiar with the different signs that make others aware of a dog’s behavior, condition or status. The best way is to “write it out”. It is easy to read and people will know how to approach your pet.

People just love petting dogs but some may mistakenly assume that just because a dog is larger or of a certain breed they are automatically dangerous, or that a smaller breed is always going to be approachable and want to be petted by anyone, which we all know could not be any further from the truth!

With these labels, you can let people know instantly if your dog is “FRIENDLY” or whether you would prefer that they “DO NOT PET” or exercise “CAUTION” with your beloved pooch because he or she might be “NERVOUS” or can’t say “I’M DEAF” or “IN TRAINING”… let the labels do the talking.

These labels are also great for service dogs and letting people know if you have a “GUIDE DOG”, “SNIFFER DOG” or “RESCUE DOG”. But of course along with the serious uses with these labels, there’s also a lot of fun to be had by customising your harness with your pooches name, nickname or anything else you can come up with that shows your dog’s truly unique personality. For inspiration, check out the gallery below.

And NOW the options grow three-fold! You can choose to have white, pink or glow in the dark text on the black background. The labels come as a pair and easily fix onto the harness. So whether it’s alerting public to your dog being deaf, nervous, friendly, their name or nature, these labels can say it all for you!

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