IDC® Side Bags


Suitable for attaching to the popular IDC® Powerharnesses, these spacious side bags are designed to be comfortable for your dog to wear over long periods.

As well as being easy to install, the side bags remain sturdy and secure even through highly active training sessions due to the adjustable fixing straps that ensure a snug fit. In addition, the water repellent material helps keep the stored cargo dry in wet conditions.

​The most safely fixed bag for IDC® Powerharnesses. The two additional mounting rings can be installed on both sides of the chest strap. ​

  • ​Ergonomically perfect
  • Velcro-fixed side label​
  • Inner pocket for documents
  • ​​Innovative, sporty, dynamic design
  • ​Reflective parts on the whole surface
  • ​​EU-product, tested by professional dog trainers
  • Maximum load capacity: 1.5 kg / 1 bag​


All Side Bags come in pairs.


Note: Select the size that matches your harness

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