IDC® Power with Side-Rings


Side rings are fixed in the place of the labels, allowing you to have your dog pull a sled, or secure your dog in a car.

Attention! For securing your dog in a car, attach one seat belt adapter to each side ring on both sides. We also recommend the use of a chest pad with the dog harness, which can prevent the dog from getting out of the harness, and can distribute the forces acting in the event of braking and turning.

This harness – by design – is not suitable for absorbing the forces caused by high-impact collision accidents or the inertia of the body. For this purpose use a special harness that surrounds the entire trunk of the dog.

Popular with Special Forces and the Military, the heavy duty side rings also support multiple dog lead attachments. The quality control of the materials and of the products is made by INNOVATEXT.


Note: Custom Side Labels need to be ordered in size Small (the velcro patch is smaller on this harness, compared to the IDC Powerharness).


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