Duoplay Ball


Our newest universal dog toy provides great entertainment for both smaller and larger dogs.

The special shape, flexibility and fluted surface make the Duoplay ball ideal for dogs of all levels of experience. The elastic handle ensures that your dog can experience the joy of playful fighting. The Duoplay ball is made of natural caoutchouc that is gentle and tooth-friendly even with everyday use. Its orange coloured handle makes it a fun accessories for walks, and easier to find in any environment.


Small size:

  • Recommended for dogs under 15 kg
  • 14 cm long neon coloured fluorescent handle
  • 7.5 cm long natural caoutchouc ball
  • Widest point: 6.5 cm
  • Narrowest point: 3.5 cm


Large size:

  • Recommended for dogs over 15 kg
  • 15 cm long orange coloured fluorescent handle
  • 9.5 cm long natural caoutchouc ball
  • Widest point: 7.5 cm
  • Narrowest point: 4.5 cm

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