Rappelling & Carrying Harness


The reliability of the Rappelling and Carrying Harness has been proven on load and tensile testing. It is equipped with quick release buckles. The ergonomic design and the pressure distribution foam pads ensure maximum comfort for the dog. It has reflective and phosphorescent parts for perfect visibility.

To lift or lower the dog, attach the carabiner to the handles on both sides. Belts, straps and hook and loop fasteners should be adjusted as tight as possible on the dog and on the individual as well. While carrying your dog, the two shoulder straps have to be connected and tightened on your chest.

The package contains the harness and attachment strap.

The quality control of the materials and the products are made by INNOVATEXT.

Innovations made by Julius Sebő and Julius-K9®’s Product Development Team, for the request of the RESCUE-24 team.


Size: Large
Chest circumference: 75-100cm
Weight of Dog: 24-40kg
Weight of Harness: 2.2kg

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