Mantrailing Outdoor Dog Harness


A dog harness suitable for recreational activities where the dog is on the lead. During mantrailing, the dog is looking for a specific person, following his unique odour in any area. In the case of canicross and other sports activities involving running on the leash, the dog is also in front of its master and can pull the master holding the leash. The JULIUS-K9® mantrailing/outdoor dog harness has been designed specifically for searching for people and activities involving running.

The anatomically perfectly fitting dog harness with an elastic leash anchor provides optimum comfort for the dog even when it exerts a significant pulling force. During the design of the harness, we paid attention to ensuring that the load should be distributed only on the chest instead of the neck. Adjustable straps ensure of a secure and comfortable fit, even over long periods. The neon colour with UV edging keeps the harness highly visible in all outdoor environments and the heavy duty material will stand up against harsh weather conditions.


Available in two sizes:

Size M: 17 to 28 kg

Size L/XL: 28 to 56 kg



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