Say what’s on your mind…

FK Co-Vid19 Custom Label with pink text on pink harness

In the Perfect Pink!

​Our custom labels are a must for saying what’s on your mind! Not only can they provide a bit of fun with some cheekiness, or important information to keep your pooch safe, or simply have your pooch’s name on it. You can also use them to show solidarity and unite together in these crazy times.

And now they’ve got even better! We’ve swapped out the hot pink for a new fuchsia shade that perfectly matches our pink harnesses!

PS. We’re back to business as usual, now that we’re at Level 2.

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  1. Hi,
    I am currently training cadaver dog…..
    Would this harness be more suited than the other harnesses in your range? If not what would you recommended.?

  2. Hi Paul! The IDC Powerharnesses are used widely amongst working/service dogs due to their ergonomic angled chest strap that lets your dogs movement be unhindered along with their durability for everyday use and comfort for your dog.
    The benefit of this harness is that you can customise the 2x side labels to show CADAVER DOG (one side), IN TRAINING (other side). You can add the IDC Chestpad for Pressure Distribution also.
    Another harness we would recommend is the IDC Long Walk Harness (if your dog would be subject to a lot of leash work). This harness is designed to dampen vibrations, tugs and jolts, lessening their impact on the dog and on the person.
    You can still customise this harness with 1x side label to show one the above messages.
    If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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