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IDC Longwalk Harness is instore now at Pet Central

And just like that, the IDC® Longwalk harness is instore now!

This rockstar is only available instore, and not being sold online, until further notice. So get to your nearest Pet Central now to make your pooch an even happier one!  The NEW Long Walk Harness is INSTORE NOW at your local Pet Central stores in Hornby, Moorhouse, Shirley and Timaru.

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IDC Longwalk Harness coming soon

New Product Coming Soon…

Do you want to make long walks even more comfortable for you and your pooch? Scientific research has shown that when walking a dog on a leash, the dog’s body, as well as the body of the person walking the dog, can be subjected to thousands of vibrations through the

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Spot Take Sale on now!

Our stocktake sale is on now!

​Oops I mean our Spot-Take Sale is on now!! It’s a short but sweet blog this week… our annual Spot-Take Sale is now live! Save yourself 30% on selected products and colours! ​ Get in fast though, it’s only while stocks last!!

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Black Labrador wearing IDC Multifunctional Dog Vest 3in1

Do you love a good multi-tasker?

Introducing the IDC® Multifunctional Dog Vest 3in1 If your pooch is crazy about going for a swim or spends balmy days on a boat with you, then the prize-winning IDC® Multifunctional Dog Vest 3in1 will be perfect for them. Or if your pooch isn’t so crazy about swimming, is learning

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German Shepard wearing the IDC Multifunctional Dog Vest 3in1 in the water

Winter is coming…

So we’ve just GOT to show you our IDC® Neoprene Dog Jacket! Now just because our pets have fur, doesn’t mean that they too don’t feel the cold, or worse their health be effected by the cold temperatures, frost, ice and snow that comes with Winter… especially since some of

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Dog on hind legs with Julius K9 Hot Dog custom label on their Powerharness

What would yours say?

​With our unique, custom labels you can make your dog’s harness one of a kind! Sometimes a yellow ribbon or other signs just won’t do it. Not everyone is familiar with the different signs that make others aware of a dog’s behavior, condition or status. The best way is to

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