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IDC Longwalk Harness coming soon

Do you want to make long walks even more comfortable for you and your pooch?

Scientific research has shown that when walking a dog on a leash, the dog’s body, as well as the body of the person walking the dog, can be subjected to thousands of vibrations through the harness and the leash. Over time, these micro-vibrations can have a detrimental effect on the joints of both the dog and the owner.

Enter the IDC®LONGWALK dog harness! It is the first joint-friendly Y-harness, designed especially for those longer walks and excursions with your pet.

With the Julius-K9® Duo-Flex® micro-vibration absorbing system incorporated into the dog harness, those vibrations, tugs and jolts are dampened, lessening their impact on the dog and on the person, while protecting the joints when the leash tightens, and at other times of stress, such as releasing your ever-excited dog off the leash to run.

These stylish harnesses also have all the extra features that Julius-K9 accessories are known and loved for, neoprene lining, bag and torch attachment options, super-grip handle, reflective safety elements and of course the interchangeable custom patches! Not to mention the award-winning design and colour scheme.

AVAILABLE IN 3 COLOURS AND INSTORE ONLY FOR NOW! So click HERE to find us in your nearest store.

Retreiver looking very happy wearing the IDC Longwalk Harness - the first joint-friendly Y-Harness

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