New name with the same great products

 Introducing the COLOR & GRAY® Family!

Let’s be honest, we all love matching products regardless of whether they’re our socks, stationery, rugby team uniforms or even wine with meals! Why? It makes the selection of products effortless for us, and appeases the OCD tendencies in those of us who have them.

And with that in mind, we now have renamed our IDC® Super-Grip leads and IDC® collars and put them in an all new family called the COLOR & GRAY® collection. By doing this you now have the ease of buying your pooch’s collar and lead in their favourite colour from the one family. Genius right?!

That’s not all that’s great about this collection, while the name has changed, the great products are still the same! But what exactly makes these products so great, and stand out from the many other leads and collars available in the market? The materials, that’s what!

The COLOR & GRAY® collars and leads may harmonise like a symphony orchestra in appearance, they are actually made from two different materials. 

Rubber threads in Color & Gray leash
Rubber threads are woven through the leash for optimum grip
Polyester threads in Color & Gray collar
The collar has Polyester threads so there’s no gripping to the fur

Let’s start with the leash, it is a synthetic material with rubber threads woven into it. This makes for a durable fabric pleasant to the touch, with the rubber threads woven into its surface ensuring the optimum grip for leading your dog. While the collar looks the same, the thin rubber threads are replaced with polyester in the collar. This means that the awesome grip that the lead has, won’t be doing its thing with the collar on the fur of your pooch. When we say that Julius-K9® gear has been designed for your dogs comfort, we mean it!

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