Do you love a good multi-tasker?

Introducing the IDC® Multifunctional Dog Vest 3in1

If your pooch is crazy about going for a swim or spends balmy days on a boat with you, then the prize-winning IDC® Multifunctional Dog Vest 3in1 will be perfect for them.

Or if your pooch isn’t so crazy about swimming, is learning to swim and/or spends balmy days on a boat with you (see the safety tip below), then the above is true for them also.

And If your pooch has an injury, is recovering from surgery or is getting a little less mobile with old age, guess what? Yip, the 3in1 is perfect for them too.

But wait there’s more!! If your pooch loves going for walks and dips no matter what the weather is doing or spends time in the snow with you… do I need to say it again? You guessed it, the IDC® Multifunctional Dog Vest 3in1 is a must have!

Why is it good for all of the above?

Well the detachable swimming pads help your dog to stay on the surface of the water, making it useful during swim training, doing water sports and boating . The pads also serve as pressure distributors, which will be a great help if the dog has recently been operated on or just simply has run out of breath, and combined with the strong handle, makes it easier to assist them whether you’re in the water with them or you need to lift them into your boat or onto a jetty.

The pads are easily be removed giving you a warm neoprene dog coat that will protect your dog from the rain, wind and cold.

And of course, the vest wouldn’t be complete without the customisable labels! The vest comes with a pair of small size Julius-K9® labels that can be replaced with labels customised for your pooch!


For some reason, we all have this idea that dogs should be natural swimmers and love the water. However, this is not true. Not only are dogs not natural swimmers, but some breeds are not physically built for water. So please make sure you follow water safety guidelines for your dogs, just as you would yourself and family. This includes keeping them in shallow water at first; wearing a life vest; and watching for signs of distress. 

IDC Multifunctional Dog Vest 3in1 features and size guide

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