Copycats may look the same but real dogs know the difference

This is a long one but an important one. Have you ever found an amazing “to good to be true” deal on a designer product online and eagerly awaited its arrival, only to find what you ended up with was a cheap knock off that didn’t last the distance? I think we’ve all been there… so here’s how to recognise the real deal from the copycats, why the real deal is worth it and what you can do if you suspect you have been sold fake JULIUS-K9® gear.

How to Recognise a Fake Julius K9 Harness

The REAL IDC® Powerharnesses have been manufactured with the highest quality materials and are thoroughly tested to ensure your dog receives a perfectly fitting harness ideal for all activities.

The FAKE harnesses are made of cheap materials that have not been tested. These harnesses are increasing in the market and are found on online auction/trading websites such as Ebay, Amazon and Trade Me. It’s important to understand that even though these products may display the JULIUS-K9® brand name, they are NOT manufactured by the original company in Europe.

So, how do you tell the difference?

The JULIUS-K9® Logo
Fake logo behind the handle
Fake harness with no logo or wrong logo

Behind the handle, fake Julius K9 products can be found with either no logo or the independent manufacturer’s logo.

Real logo stitched to the harness
Real logo is stitched onto harness

The Original JULIUS-K9® Dog Harnesses have a rubber JULIUS-K9® logo (black background, white writing) stitched to the harness. The location of this logo differs depending on the size of the harness:

BABY 1, BABY 2, MINI-MINI & MINI -Logo is stitched directly on the material near the D-ring.

​0, 1, 2 & 3  The JULIUS-K9® Logo is attached directly to the loop and push button attachment that closes the harness handle.

The JULIUS-K9® Buckle
Fake buckle has no logo or buckle with different symbols
Fake buckle has no logo or buckle with different symbols

Counterfeit harnesses have no logo on the buckle or buckles with different symbols. These buckles are often made from cheap plastic and are not tested for durability.

The real powerharness has the logo on the buckle

Original JULIUS-K9® Harnesses use self-manufactured buckles that have been tensile tested up to 350kg. You will find “JULIUS K-9” embossed on the buckles, along with the website underneath.

Please note: If you order a Baby 1, Baby 2, Mini-Mini, Mini or O size harness, they may not have the Julius K9 logo on their buckle. This is because the embossed logo was only introduced in 2017 but rest assured that if you receive one of these harness sizes without the buckle logo but the rest of the harness’ quality is fantastic, rest assured, you’ve received a genuine JULIUS-K9® harness.

The JULIUS-K9® Materials Quality
Cheap materials used on fake harnesses
Cheap materials used on fake harnesses

The most significant difference between genuine JULIUS-K9® Products and imitation products is the materials used. Although it is hard to tell from only an image, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Wavy edging and stitching – extremely thin material
  • Uneven sewn edge
  • Frayed parts/edges
The real deal looks impeccable in images

JULIUS-K9® harnesses look impeccable in images. These harnesses are made to perfection in the smallest details made from strong, durable materials.

The JULIUS-K9® logo above the Custom Label
A fake harness with no logo above the Custom Label

The small “IDC by JULIUS-K9®” logo is missing from above the Julius K9 Velcro label.

The real deal has the small Julius-K9 logo above Custom Label

The small “IDC by JULIUS-K9®” logo can be found in the following areas:

SIZE BABY 1 & BABY 2 – Directly above the central ring
ALL OTHER SIZES – Above the velcro side label

This small logo is embossed in white on a black rubber base.

Real vs. Fake Summary

1.  Fake harnesses have a handle, but you’re not able to close it.

2.  Fake harnesses are missing the JULIUS-K9® logo near the D-ring or above the side label.

3.  Fake harnesses may have a different company’s logo in place instead.

4.  Fake harnesses have attachable “JULIUS-K9® Glowing in the dark” that do not fit perfectly to the side label area.

5.  Fake harnesses are made of cheap material and are stitched together poorly.

6.  Fake harnesses are missing the JULIUS-K9® logo from the buckle.


1.  Real JULIUS-K9® Harnesses allow you to close the handle.
     Sizes Mini-mini and Mini – Velcro closing
     Sizes 0, 1, 2 and 3 – Clip button

2.  Real JULIUS-K9® Harnesses have a small rubber tag with the JULIUS-K9® logo placed near the D-ring and/or above the JULIUS-K9® side label.

3.  Real JULIUS-K9® Harnesses come with attachable side labels that fit perfectly to the side label  area.

4.  Real JULIUS-K9® Harnesses have the JULIUS-K9® logo embossed to the buckle (excluding harness sizes Baby 1, Baby 2, Mini-mini, Mini and 0 made prior to 2017).

Counterfeit products are unsafe

All of our harness, leads, muzzles and other products are rigorously tested to ensure they function correctly and are safe for high intensity use. Fake products won’t meet this standard.

It is recommended that you do not use fake products as they will be of low quality and be unsafe for you and your dog. The fake goods could also be a fire hazard as they are unlikely to meet fire safety regulations.

What to do if you think you purchased a fake product?

Our products are made with the highest quality and every product sold from an official JULIUS-K9® retailer will be genuine. We do everything in our power to stop the illegal reproduction of counterfeit products and protect you from receiving fake products but if you think you have received a fake product, then you should contact the seller immediately for a full refund. If the seller ensures you the product is genuine, we can provide a statement that affirms that the purchased product is a counterfeit.

If you have used Paypal and the seller is unwilling to reimburse you then you can contact PayPal directly as they have a refund policy on knock-off goods. You can also contact your bank to reverse the transaction if you have used a credit or debit card.

Being aware of Knock-off Julius K9 Goods​

The JULIUS-K9® development process, technological solutions, composition and quality of materials are kept confidential. The JULIUS-K9® brand also has multiple parts that are self-manufactured to make counterfeiting their products almost impossible.

​It is important to do your research before making any online purchase and if the product is vastly cheaper than the average price then there is a high chance that it is counterfeit.

If you are unsure if you have seen a genuine product on a third party website, then you are welcome to contact us and make an enquiry about the seller. We can then tell you if they are affiliated with us.

And lastly to wrap it up, if you have any questions about counterfeit and fake Julius K9 goods, then please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.

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  1. Hi, my wife purchased a k9 powered harness on Amazon, and a couple of things don’t quite look right
    The seller is Akos trading LTD.

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